About me, Colter

Forward thinking, level-headed, and team-oriented.
Colter taking a selfie while at an art museum in Zurich, Switzerland.Picture of Colter surf-skating on a skate ramp.
Colter taking a selfie on top of a mountain in Hawaii.

I'm Colter Huacuja, a self-starter and multi-disciplinary product designer with over five years of experience designing and building digital products for web and mobile platforms. From a product's early stages to shipping well-researched designs, I focus on creating scalable solutions that impact the bottom line.

My passion for design started at a young age, from building small towns with Legos to looking at street architecture for the next skate spot. Design was part of my life without even realizing it. I didn't go to school for design. I formally discovered my love for it after college while learning front-end development.

With my blend of curiosity, strategy, and design thinking skills, I've helped led products from zero to one in their life cycle. My design background lies within MarTech and the finance industry, where I created delightful experiences, design systems, and content strategies. But I'm constantly dipping into different areas to tackle new challenges.

I also co-founded a marketing studio, Smart Rabbit, to help small businesses grow through superb digital marketing and thoughtful design. I sometimes write articles about design and marketing over there and more frequently on my Substack.

My approach to design

I believe people-centered design is a viable growth strategy for companies, whether for a digital product or service. Empathizing with people leads to better business decisions and happier humans.

I value the idea of "quit/fail fast": ideating, testing assumptions, and iteration to create something people will love. From this lens, I look at how to support a company's mission with design. I'm always looking for that great question: the one that unlocks understanding for the team and helps us connect ideas to create solutions that work in the long hall.


My work is made up of my influences from the world. I am inspired today by AI, data visualization, spatial design (interior design, architecture, and beautiful cafes), pottery, and movies.